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Burmese Spitfire excavation to start soon

Since the announcement last April that some 20 Spitfire Mk XIV had been found buried in Burma, very little information has been available concerning this extraordinary discovery. Some observers were understandably sceptical, given the lack of information and rumours stating that there could be 60 or more such Spitfires to be found. These last few …

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Twenty Spitfire discovered buried in Burma to return to the UK

This is such extraordinary news that one wonders if it can actually be true: the Telegraph reports that twenty Spitfire Mk XIV* that were discovered buried in Burma will be returned to the UK. David Cameron himself, having taken an interest in the case, has asked and obtained permission to recover the aircraft from the …

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Wreckage of Spitfire recovered in France

The wreckage of a Spitfire that was shot down in April 1942 was unearthed in Hardifort in Northern France. The remains of the pilot, William James Smith, were found at the crash site. Smith, a 24 year-old Australian, was flying with No 457 Squadron when he was shot down and killed. The aircraft’s wreckage is …

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The First of the Few

Watch The First of the Few (known as Spitfire in the USA) on YouTube, a 1942 British film directed by and starring Leslie Howard as R.J. Mitchell, the designer of the Supermarine Spitfire, alongside co-star David Niven. The film’s score was written by William Walton (“Spitfire Prelude and Fugue”).

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