F-16 and FJ-4B Fury run off the runway at Oshkosh

The FJ-4B Fury. (Photo D. Miller (CC BY 2.0))

A USAF F-16 Falcon ran off the runway at Oshkosh yesterday, resulting in the nosewheel collapsing. The pilot was unhurt. Some time later, the FJ-4B Fury owned and flown by Dr Richard Sugden also overran the runway and came to a halt near the F-16 with no further damage. It seems that Sugden had reported on the radio that he had lost his brakes and would be overshooting. The cause to the F-16 accident is unknown.

A YouTube video by MrSerious0 shows the Fury reaching the end of the runway:

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Vintage Wings of Canada Swordfish flies again

LS326, the RNHF's Swordfish at Duxford in 2010. (Photo Feggy Art (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)).

The Vintage Wings of Canada Swordfish (HS554) flew again on July 26th after five years of restauration and overhaul. The first flight took place at Gatineau Executive Airport, Québec, Canada and was performed by John Aitken. The VWoC’s Swordfish is one of only two flying in the world, the other one being operated by the Royal Navy Historical Flight in the UK.

Visit Vintage Wings of Canada website to read more about HS554’s first flight.

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Doolittle Raid: 25 B-25 Mitchell hoped for 70th anniversary

A B-25 Mitchell flying off the USS Hornet. (Photo US Army)

The five remaining members of the Doolittle raid will be present at the National Museum of the USAF to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the raid from April 17 to 20, 2012. Also present for the first time will be Chinese survivors or members of their families who helped save the Raiders. The  Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Association, Inc. is working to secure sponsorship to have some 25 B-25 Mitchells fly in and land at the museum. This would be the largest gathering of B-25 Mitchell since WWII. Continue reading

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Missing airmen’s A-17 Nomad found in Canadian lake

A-17 Nomad (USAF Photo)

On December 13, 1940 two RCAF Northrop A-17 Nomad on a search mission for a downed aircraft collided in mid-air and crashed, killing their crews. One of the aircraft and its crew was recovered at the time, but the other aircraft was never discovered. It was flown by Peter Campbell, a 24-year old British, and Ted Bates, a 27-year old Canadian. Some 71 years later, their aircraft has been found at the bottom of Lake Muskoka. Read the full story on TheStar.com.

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Lt Cdr Bill Henley, FAA †

Lieutenant-Commander Bill Henley, who has died aged 88, was one of the few pilots whose war career spanned the age of the biplane and the jet; on one occasion he hunted down and destroyed a German U-boat. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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Airshow performer Greg Poe dies aged 57

Greg Poe (Photo by dbking (CC BY 2.0)).

Greg Poe, a renowned airshow performer with over 10,000 flight hours in over 100 types of aircraft died from what appears to be a heart attack on Sunday, July 24th. Source: Idaho Press Tribune.

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Shuttleworth Collection to receive FM-2 Wildcat

A 1943 FM-2 Wildcat (Grumman F4F built under license by General Motors) will be joining the ranks of the Shuttleworth Collection next year. The aircraft, N49JC (s/n 51-235), was once part of the US Navy Museum in Pensacola. Photos of the FM-2 can be found on courtesyaircraft.com.

Edit: a visitor tells us that the aircraft is actually BuNo 86690 and that the s/n is invalid. See comments.

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Goodwood Harvard damaged in wheels-up landing

The "Goodwood Harvard", G-AZSC. (Photo Jez B. ( CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

The pilot of G-AZSC, a North American Harvard IIb based at Goodwood Airport, had to belly-land his aircraft when the engine quit at low altitude near the airfield. The pilot was not injured and it appears the damage to the aircraft was rather light.

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Rare M-2 Bull Stearman takes back to the air

Alan Lopez’s rare Stearman M-2 flew on July 20 at Robbinsville Airport, NJ, where the biplane was restored by the Posey Brothers. The aircraft was found in a lake by Bob Cameron many years ago. The first flight was uneventful and further testing will be undertaken. According to Antique Airfield News, this is the first time a Bull Stearman has flown since October 8, 1938.

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Polikarpov I-16 Rata flies in Russia

Polikarpov I-16. (Photo Lightningboy2000 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

A Polikarpov I-16 (“Red 65”) flew on July 17 at Mochische airfield near Novosibirsk, Russia. Photos of the first flight are available here.

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MiG-15 takeoff accident

A Lim-2 (Polish-built version of the MiG-15) crashed on take-off on July 18 in Szolnok, Hungary. The two pilots exaped unharmed but the aircraft was seriously damaged. It had recently flown for the first time since its restoration by the Goldtimer Foundation.

Pictures can be found here and here.

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Tri-State Aviation F2G Super Corsair flies again

(Updated July 21) Tri-State Aviation Inc.’s F2G Super Corsair (NX5577N) flew again on July 19. The pilot for the flight was Bob Odegaard. A P-51 was used as a chase plane, from which this video of the first flight was shot:

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CWAM receives L-29 Delfin

An Aero L-29 Delfin jet trainer. (Photo D. Miller (CC BY 2.0))

The Cold War Air Museum has received several L-29 Delfin trainers in various conditions and is hoping to put one back in flying condition. Read more on the CWAM’s blog.

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Two killed in a T-6 crash in France

Two people were killed in the crash of a North American T-6 Texan (F-AZIG) in Lyon, France at 18:15 local time. The aircraft fell in a field some distance from the runways of the Lyon-Bron airport where it had refuelled. The aircraft had left earlier from Corsica and was headed for Dijon. The causes of the accident are yet unknown. Continue reading

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George Hood Aviation Museum to receive airworthy Aermacchi 339

The museum, located in Masterton, New Zealand, will receive a retired Aermacchi 339 CB of the RNZAF which will be capable of flight. The museum was initially hoping for an A-4 Skyhawk, but lacked space and funds for such an aircraft.


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