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No more National Championship Air Races at Reno-Stead Airport after 2023

Sadly, this is not a bad joke or an April’s Fool. The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA), the organizer of the National Championship Air Races at Reno-Stead Airport, Nevada,  announced on 9 March that the Reno Air Races will no longer take place at the world-renowned Reno-Stead Airport after this year’s edition, from 13 to …

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P-51 Mustang racer “Precious Metal” heavily damaged by fire

The P-51 Mustang racer “Precious Metal”, heavily modified for racing, was seriously damaged by fire after refuelling on 8 September. Pilot Thom Richard was able to leave the aircraft unharmed, but the Mustang was badly damaged before fire units could respond. Following this accident, the numerous messages of support received by the Precious Metal team …

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Reno racer P-51 “Strega” for sale

Eleven-time Reno Air Races winner P-51 “Strega” is for sale or available for corporate championship, according to this article by Warbirds News. Strega was a strong contender for victory in the 2013 races in Reno but was ultimately disqualified after cutting the showline. Read the full article here.

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Reno Air Racing Association receives conditional approval to hold races in 2012

The Reno Air Racing Association has received a conditional approval to hold its annual races, provided it obtains insurance coverage of at least $100 million.The races should be held from September 12 to 16. The RARA will also respond to seven security recommendations made last month by the NTSB. An in-house panel of aviation experts …

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2012 Reno Air Races to be held from September 12th to 16th

Despite concerns that the Reno Air Races might disappear after last year’s tragic crash which resulted in 11 deaths and over 70 injuries, the Reno Air Racing Association has announced that it is intending to host the 49th edition of the races from September 12th to 16th. A safety panel of aviation experts will study …

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Howard Hughes record broken by Reno racer

On October 10, Will Whiteside broke the world speed record for an piston-engine powered aircraft of less than 6,600 lbs. This record was held since 1935 by Howard Hughes in his H1 racer, and was only broken in 2002 by an H1 replica. Flying his Yak-3U “Steadfast”, Whiteside broke the record at 407 mph, beating …

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Reno Air Races cancelled after deadly crash

(Updated 09/19/11 @ 23:07) The heavily modified P-51 “The Galloping Ghost”, flown by 74 year-old veteran racer Jimmy Leeward, crashed in Reno yesterday at 4:20 PM, very close to the crowd. According to a recent police report, the pilot was killed upon impact and six spectators were killed by projected debris. Another two died from their …

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Six jets banned at Reno, will not compete

Six aircraft that were intended to compete in the Reno Air Races’ Jet class have been banned from racing by the race officials after concerns about safety emerged. This concerns mostly the Aero L-29 Delfin, five of which have been re-engined with Rolls-Royce Viper engines to compete with the more powerful L-39 Albatros. The sixth …

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Reno: Steven Hinton qualifies at 499 mph

Steven Hinton, Unlimited Class champion in 2009 and 2010 at the Reno Air Races, qualified on Monday at 499.160 mph, flying the highly modified P-51 “Strega”. More information about Strega can be found on the Team Strega Website.

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